How to make your VA stand out

This is taken from a PM to another CEO for an airline.

Advice on making a VA?

Well, when I created my Virtual Airline (British Airways Infinite Flight) I created it at the best time. Just before the VA industry skyrocketed, and just so after it wouldn’t become old news.

If you looking at this, this clearly means your creating your VA at the time when it takes hard work and dedication to even get noticed.

So what will help you become big?

Be unique.

You need a professional website to get noticed, else people will see you as a waste of time.

Include a lot of events and new ideas to grab the attention of other pilots.

remember: Pilots can join more than 1 airline,

This means you don’t need to fight for pilots with other airlines, however, most people prefer 1 airline.

It could also be beneficial to look into a way of logging your flights, make it a easier process for your pilots.

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Make your VA thrive

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Agreed. I think professionalism is the biggest thing to be covered. Grammar, punctuation, and capitalisation.
You also should have a site that stands out. Good fonts and colours, give it complimentary colours, don’t make it drab or look like it’s from 1995. If you can’t do this yourself, you can hire or get someone who does from a cheap price.


In august was the perfect time to create a VA before it skyrocketed in February. Keeping professionalism while making it fun for young users is also how to make it stand out.

Don’t forget to get VADC to approve you!


Actually over 4 years ago was the perfect time. That’s when Qantas Virtual was founded.

Interesting thread, if they want a professional website, they need designers. Maybe include the Sketch Flight thread under “what will make it big”.


That was way before live was out. We were talking about realistic like with other traffic

It was just a quick type up. They can consult the pinned post about VA. I can’t remember who made it but

Hello. I read this the day after it was posted, before I made my airline, the Infinite Flight Independent Airline (IFIA)

I would like to give you a big thanks for this advice, it helped my VA and now I have 140 pilots and 56 staff.

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That escalated quickly

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Good job mate,

Thanks for reading

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