How to make short films?

Hello I wanted to do these for sometime now and I wanted to ask how do I make short films for infinite flight because I’m not to sure.

Regards Goran

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Anyway you want. Just record some suitable footage and put it together. There are many styles, like movies, or planespotting, etc.


This should not be a #features request. Most people use shots from the scenic camera to come up with it.

There are other ways, including:

  • Using all different types of camera views
  • Using video editing to edit videos

Yes yes I put it in the wrong category.

You can use the scenic cam , screen record and then remove the parts you dont want on a video editing app like imovie. you can also remove all the buttons in the settings>general inference timeout(set it to 2 seconds) and press the hide status bar.

hope it helps :)


Thanks for the help.

Speaking about that does any one want to volunteer.

dont forget to hide airplane names and dots in the live section at settings for better result when doing a formation flight

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Check out @Dan Youtube channel, Infinite Flight Posts. he creates superb cinematic content and multiple tutorials on how to shoot as well!


What’s the video called.

Would any one like to volunteer?

Volunteer for a formation?
I can if you want.

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Yes please is it ok if we do it know?

Yep perfect. Was just training with an f22 in the mountains.

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Ok get into a Infinte flight livery aircraft and we will fly over the alps (Swiss)

I sent you a pm take a look

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You just have to take scenes in the replay section and then edit them.

If I make “serious” films like:

I just play the game, go to the replay function and record the landings and stuff like this from different views, such as bottom, side… and synchronize them in my editing software. i focus on touchdown. Because of this syncronization, you get a lot of camera angles at once!

I am using Final Cut Pro X. I am an actual filmmaker, that’s why my vids were so “good” edited from the beginning. Cutting and all that stuff might take a bit of learning and training.

I wasted my time, Swiss001


(Wrote this on my phone, photos will come later!)

Composition, composition, composition. All short films can be thought of as a story and each video story is comprised of two parts: video and audio.

Whenever anyone clicks on a video, the first thing they are expecting is the video itself, and as for most people, sight is their primary sense. This makes video very important in conveying a story.

There are 3 main camera positions when it comes to stationary (fixed camera) shooting. As an example, lets say you are making a short film about a Delta flight that takes place at ATL during the sunset. Your shot types will be:

  • Wide - Used to show subject’s (the plane) setting. An example would be a shot of the airport terminal (location), the plane (subject), and the sunset (time). These shots combined will paint the viewer’s perspective in terms of setting.
  • Medium - Used to summarize subject. You want to show the viewer what the subject is and what it is doing. The wideshot is too vauge to use for this purpose because the subject could be a number of things: the sunset, the terminal, or the plane. When you use a medium shot, you want to capture the entirty of the subject, not the detail. An example of this shot would simply be an angled view of the plane, capturing the wings, fuelselage, and empenage. You’ll want the camera to be above the plane, but usually not too far above, as you don’t want to make the ground equal in focus to the plane.
  • Tight - the tight shot is a very useful tool in the storytelling toolkit. Tight shots display detail and emotion. Use the free camera to get up close to Infinite Flight’s HD models. You want shots of things like the wings, engines, cargo doors, the logo on the tail, maybe even winglets. A word of warning though, don’t go crazy with these; You’ll risk boring the viewer and drowning out the actions of the subject (the plane).

I won’t go overboard with this post (I might make a full tutorial), but use the shot recomendations above, and remeber to focus on the plane and what it is doing (taking off, flying, landing, etc). Good luck!

PS. Keep it short. You never want to bore the viewer.


If you just want to use your phone (in my case an iPhone) then videoshop is really good for editing.

If you want to trim, split or cut your screen recording then you will have to use the iMovie app. Don’t trim, split or cut in photos or any other app, it makes the audio go out of sync with the video. In iMovie you click on the video strip (probably not the right word) click detatch then you can trim, split and cut as you wish.

Export to photos then import to videoshop or any other editing app. Then export to photos and upload to wherever.

Thank you mysterous person who randomly bumped this because I had major grammatical errors. :)