How to Make Replay MP4 Footage?

Hi guys I’ve imported my replay but I don’t know how to make it an mp4 video for Youtube, does anyone know how to do it?


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Hey @SahyaQFFlyer !
Found this:

Edit: website.

@ThomasThePro, I believe @SahyaQFFlyer wants to know how to turn an imported replay file into an MP4 video, not MP4 to Youtube.

Thanks for trying to help!

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Yeah, I mean converting the Infinite flight footage but thanks for all the help mate

I add the website once re-read the question my bad. Search “video to MP4”

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Unfortunately, replay files cannot be converted into mp4 formats. Replays can be manipulated, the angle can be changed, things can be zoomed in/out, which is not possible in a normal video. Your best bet is to screen record the footage of your replay, and then you can turn that into your YouTube video.

Hope this helps!

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Ok then thanks mate

Just a quick explain for you or anyone else that is interested, replay files are not stored as videos. They are essentially a record of your flight and the player traffic around you, which is shown by the fact it takes a second or two to load in, and also that it jumps around under poor connection. It also allows them to take up much less space than a typical MP4 video would 😊


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