How to make night pictures brighter

Since my first post in #screenshots-and-videos and my landing pic is super dark that even me can’t see it until my brightness is over 75%,

What should I do to get my darker pics get brighter?

Change the time settings.

Without changing the time settings like someone did with his pic of the moon

By editing it.

There are tons of editing apps in the App Store which have the setting to change brightness of the picture !

Hello there you can increase the exposure in apps such like snap seed! :) Exposure is what defines how much light is on that particular image.

Like this guy did


Yes. Increasing the exposure.

Ok then might search one.

I recommend Adobe Lightroom.


As a beginner you could use InShot

Yes that is a great program that interlinks with Photoshop.

I believe Apple has a built in photo editor in the “photos” app. It has all the basics you need. If you’re looking for something more in-depth I recommend Adobe Lightroom.

Exposure, shadows, and occasionally brightness are all there and they all help make photos look good.

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I’m surprised u didn’t use one of my pictures @Kyline_Gudy. Lol 😂

Apple and Android (I think) all have in built photo editors in them u can also get third party photo editors but I wouldn’t risk the cost.

Sorry lol😂

Just used your image as an example.

Not I am not using an iPhone or Apple.

I am just Android lol.

I am just a poor

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Hey there!

I made that picture. What I did was I took a photo of a darker-blue sky. It wasn’t night but it was just a darker blue. Then I drastically decreased the saturation and luminance to give it a nice “deep” feel to it.

Edited in Adobe Lightroom.


I really thought it was night!

is it better?

I mean it’s brighter but if possible I would try to remove the green spots (I am no expert)