How to make my posts even better?

Hello community! I just want to know on how to make my posts even better.

For example, how to paste a website but making it show like the picture and the title of it and some little information.

Next, how to italicize? I want to know how to do this because well… I just want to.

Any help?

Paste it on it’s own line with nothing else.

Put a _underscore_ like this for italicized text, or press the “I” on the post options.

Hope this helps!

I used this to make my posts better:

Hopefully it helps you out too!


@Niccckk @Dylan_M Thanks for helping me out!


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ok…your wish has been granted…i flagged it 🙂

so this is how you do it?

Hello Guys! Hello Guys!

Try using headings by putting = below the line you want to make as a heading.

For example,
Hello world!
will create this:

Hello world!

and here goes your body paragraph…

=This is a Test!=

=This is a Test

Oh it works

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