How To Make IFC Into An IOS And Android App

Hello IFC!

I have seen around the community, that many people are wanting and IFC app. As of right now, their is currently no IFC app, but there is a way to make IFC into an app. I will list the steps below!

1. Go to on Safari.

2. Click the “Share” button on the bottom bar in the middle of the screen. It looks like a box with an arrow coming out the top.

3. Scroll down to where it says “Add to Home Screen” and click it.

4. You can name it whatever you want, but when you’re done naming it, click “Add” on the top right corner. From there, you should see a new app icon on your home screen, and when you click it, it should take you to the IFC.

It is the closest we will get to an IFC app for now. I don’t think a lot of people know about this since it is kind of hidden. I hope you guys find this helpful!


Or you could just download the discourse app and log into the IFC on there to receive notifications etc.


Or you can download the discourse app

You are correct! It is your personal preference on how you want to do things. This is just a way to help though. @Drummer @TylerShah @Declan_O

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Major bump to show more people how to do this

This is possible in Android also… That’s the same thing I’ve done…
If possible edit the title… It’ll help other people

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