How to make IF more realistic

Before doing a flight I would try to find the Real life flight plan. I feel that Everyone on IF knows about this but there is another to make Your flight more realistic that I haven’t seen many people speak about. You can make your flight more realistic by finding out how many passengers are on a certain flight. If you go on the website expert flyer and input the details of the flight you want to know about, you can find how many seats are occupied on that Particular plane and use it for you IF flight.

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You could try out by the Mod Chris_S

I really recommend that

Also for the weather

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Navigraph and ForeFlight is also a good choice, but you need subscriptions.

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FPL to IF doesn’t have real world flight information. What you could do if you want to follow @champagnepapi example is getting the passager count of a RL flight and then put it into FPLtoIF and then calculate your flight.

FPLTOIF is a good choice because some waypoints haven’t been added to infinite Flight. You could use FR24 for searching real flights then make FPL by FPLtoIF

Hey, I would check out this tutorial I made on how to find real-world flight plans.

Tutorial ⤵️


I’ve been doing accurate passenger loads since I first started using IF. You can adjust max seating capacities also by route , time, and seasonal demands and lower for Covid , for even more realism. Also many carriers have several seating options for different markets on the same airframe, as you say this can all be researched with alittle bit of effort . Cargo changes too.

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