How to make IF more Realistic.

3 Easy ways how to make Infinte flight more realistic

1.Make your self a checklist
The best way to make IF more realistic is to make your self a checklist for when to put the strode lights on or when to turn the seatbelt sign off.
You can find on easily in the internet or just download IF checklist only available in the playstore.

If you really want to feel like a pilot should get a proper setup. The keyfeature is a Joystick and a keyboard. To connect the keyboard and the Joystick to Infinte flight you will have to download Live flight connect on your computer it will automatically connect to Infinte flight if you have both open and if you are in the same internet.

Addons are key to make IF more realistic. There are many diffrent kinds of addons I wi just give you a list of the addons I recommend:

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My steps:

  1. Design the flight plan in Simbrief and then convert it with FPL to IF.
  2. I look separately at the SID / STAR charts
  3. Adjustable cargo, passengers and fuel
  4. Use IF Assistant
  5. On the cruise I calculate the TOD and recheck STAR cause wind changed and arrival rwys
  6. Enjoy

What is digital link for?

Sorry its call virtual link

It manages your flights altitude automatically. Basically VNAV.
The current state of the application is not where I want want it to be. That’s why I am working on a major update on it.

I disagree with several points you make here as I dont feel that any of it really makes IF more realistic but just improves your personal experience with the application. This isnt a big, gnarly simulator that you find on a PC. It’s a mobile sim, let’s keep it that way. Let me break it down for you so you understand what I mean…

  1. Agree completely, checklists are used in the real world so why not have a version adapted to IF?

  2. Let’s face it, flying on an iPad, its equivalent or a mobile phone will never, ever make you feel like a pilot. IF is a mobile flight simulator, so aviation enthusiasts can “fly”, in theory, wherever they are in the world. I wont be transporting a “set up” onto a train so I can feel even less like a pilot. We dont need a set up to make this realistic, I fly without, using just an iPad and my mobile for external work which I reference in point 3.

  3. So external applications come in all shapes and sizes, so put them in perspective for you the only 2 applications I use directly with IF are

  • IF Assistant (everybody needs a good co pilot)

  • IF Passengers - allows you to see how you fly, have virtual passengers/cargo and “build an airline”.

  • I haven’t used, nor have I ever required Virtual Link. I step climb while at my device, so I can monitor what’s happening with my flight until I achieve my desired cruise altitude.

  • Windy - good for checking wind conditions on your route, particularly during transatlantic/LH and wind is a huge factor for fuel burn. I use my mobile to check winds regularly while in flight.

  • LiveFlight - if I am away from my device for however long? I am tracking my progress to ensure I dont overshoot, or worse - fall out of the sky. It also allows me to monitor fuel, not in the way you think - it doesnt show me a gauge. I use my estimated fuel burn, both from my calculations and what the app provides me to ensure I dont run out, and touch wood I have never ran out although I have been close once!


Fly with cool sunglasses

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IF Checklists has already done that for you! 😉


Infinite Flight is already pretty realistic, except the scenery in some cases.

I was wondering about the community’s thoughts on IF Passengers, especially for iPad? The App Store reviews were inconsistent so I was wondering if people here think it’s worth the cost? Thanks 😁

In my opinion it is outdated and does not provide much, compared to IF Assistant, this is good.
If you want to join a VA or create your own you can do it much better without the need for IF Passengers

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