How to make IF compatible FPL on simbrief

I recently tried out this website called simbreif. It is supposed to help you make flight plans for IF, but when I copy and paste it into the search bar on the map, it only gets half of the waypoints. Some waypoints are not even in IF, while others are miles away from where it was supposed to go. So my question is, how do I make Infinite Flight compatible flight plans?

P.S. Sorry if this is a duplicate, but the other posts were very confusing.

Copy and paste the XML file into FPLtoIF then copy and paste the flight plan into the fix search bar in Infinite Flight and you should be dandy


Wow, it worked! Thanks so much Joseph!

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By the way, a mod can close this now. I tested it out and it worked :)

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If you aren’t doing anything extra just use fpltoif. It has simbrief fully integrated and it’s much more efficient to use than two different websites, copying and pasting etc unless you need those extra numbers.

Closed by Miguel’s request.