How to make IF as realistic as possible?


How can I make IF as realistic as my iPad holds out? What add ins are out there?
I am using IFOperations, which sadly doesn’t work for me anymore, IFAssistant and map connect v2 to use a joy stick. Any other things to make it realistic?

You can install Infinite Passenger which has pilot calls like V1, rotate, stall bank angle , etc . It also has passenger announcements, boarding music and Much much more . You have to pay tho to have certain perks


I had that before, but now you need an account to use it. Is making a account on IFPassengers free?

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I think IF Passengers itself is free but you only get standard stuff . If you want to have for example specific airline passenger announcements or boarding music you have to pay but idk the price

If passengers you have to pay a subscription to use its not really worth it either

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Where do you install this?

There you go. Their official site and at the bottom of it some links for downloading 😃

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Learn one plane and one plane only, completely nerd out on it, and never fly anything else. Problem solved

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