How to make custom "banners"

So I have seen some events that look super nice for one thing. The images. And some are banners. They are like the “headers” and they always look custom and not stolen. How do I make one?

I suggest using a place like Canva if you are new to design, for the most part it has a lot of great features for free. There is a paid service, which i subscribe to that is great.

Also, if you are more of a designer, you’ll have access to places like Photoshop.

If you are a student, there is a free creative cloud service that you may be able to get photoshop through the end of april.


I use “Pages”, which you can find on any MacBook. I’ve created all of my banners and images using that. A few tricks, you can make anything look good. Star Alliance Virtual banners (The ones used for the ANVA+UVA event) were also made using Pages.

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I use Affinity Designer for all of my banners. I’ve been making banners for quite a few events already. I am good at graphic design so I’m able to easily make these.

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For me, I use paint . net. It’s very simple and is very efficient. I use it for most, if not, all of my graphic designs.

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Canva is awesome.

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The ones seen on our thread are created using it is very useful for banners because you can customize a variety of things!

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