How to make ATC less stressful.

Im sure you guys all controlled as Tower 🗼 and had a aircraft who would request something and they are not even in the airspace. Just follow my guide.

When a aircraft requests for landing, touch and go, or full stop and they are not in the airspace which is the two rings around the airport on the map. What i would do is just issue the command, “Continue Inbound.” After they enter the first big ring or when i see the aircraft enter the zone that I am zoomed into, then I would sequence them. For example, “AA307, enter straight in runway #, number 2,traffic to follow is on final.” Finally once they are on final, and they enter the second small ring before landing, I would clear them to land or for the option.

I do not know if thats the reason for the the command Continue Inbound, so that they can be closer to the airport or for a different reason. However I recommend for new ATC to use this methodbas it prevents you from having to look for the aircraft outside of the airspace by scrolling or zooming out. And you have more time to focus on aircraft’s closer in the airspace getting ready to land and for aircraft’s getting ready to takeoff. This can be useful at most airport’s for when you are controlling and have like aix aircraft’s coming in for landing.

If that is not what continue inbounds is for please correct me. 👍

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Usually when they are fareway my instructions is xx enter left/right base or l/r dw runwayx…and then when i have a clear scena i sequence all…

Yeah i thought about that, but with they are outside the rings (airspace). Do you still sequence them or you tell them to continue inbound?

I just give instuction where they have to land,because if you are controlling airport with more runways and you told him continue inbound but he dont know where you get caos…

That is incorrect. The “blue ring” may only extend 15nm out or less for smaller airports. If you tell all the planes to continue in bound without proper sequencing, you may find your self with 3 or 4 or more planes all within 15miles or less of landing, all coming from different directions. It’s too late at that point to sequence them. Use sequencing as early as possible.

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