How to make an old 2015 device run Infinite Flight smoother

Hey everyone!

So I have a 2015 Samsung tab a 8.0 (definately not the best) but I would like to know how to get a better experience out of Infinite Flight while using it. I have all the graphics settings on low and aircraft count to none but I’m wondering if there is a way to optimise the performance of the device until I can save up and get a new one. The problems are that when am about to touch down I lose FPS and on some of the new and reworked aircraft It gets a but glitchy.



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To be the bearer of bad news, simply put:

No. There is little you can do besides modifying the kernel. An old underpowered device will always be an old underpowered device.

As much as I love my Pixel C, it has become one of these old devices, hence why I bought an iPad.



As @Kirito_77 said, no. Lol. It’s just how it is unfortunate. You can try to drop all of your graphics settings to the lowest. It will drastically reduce the quality of the game and it still may not run very well. Unfortunately, there comes a time when you just have to upgrade.

I have been running IF woth everything on low for 2 years now. Still on version 20.3 aswell.

then perhaps it’s time you consider an upgrade?

A phone is not a gaming pc, you can’t upgrade parts on a phone to make it better

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