How To Make An Infinite Flight Timelapse

A Guide To Making An Infinite Flight Timelapse

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at:

  1. Getting the footage
  2. Speeding That Footage Up
  3. Exporting that to your camera roll, so you can do what you want with it (e.g. upload to the YouTube)

Before we get into this, let’s makr sure we’re on the same page! For this tutorial, I am using an iPad Pro (2018) running iPad OS 13.5.1

Apps You Will Need
Infinite Flight - Duh! 🙄
iMovie (this should be pre-installed on your device. If not, it is free on the App Store)
That’s it!

Step 1

After you have completed your flight, head over to the Settings app. You may want to consider turning on “Do Not Disturb” and make sure “silence” is set to always so you don’t get any notifications. Notifications will be recorded, including sound and banner, so I highly recommend this.
Next, still in Settings, go to “Control Centre” from there, go to “Customise Controls”. Add the “Screen Recorder”. Note, once you have added it, it will always be there. So, you won’t need to add it before you record each and every flight, only the first time.

Now, go into Infinite Flight. Go to the replay section, get to where you want the recording to start, select your camera view. Now, access the control centre. If you’re not sure, this is what I mean by that.

See that little round record button under the vloume control? Click that, it will count down from 3 then start recording.
Once it starts, go back to IF. Tap play, hold down the screen for a few seconds, and the UI will disappear. Once you’re replay has finished - or you have got to where you want the recording to end - go back to the control centre, anc tap the screen recorder button again.

You can now come out of Do Not Disturb if you so wish.

Sep 2

Great! Now we have our video. Note: it can take a while to appear in the camera roll, just be patient with it. Now, go into iMovie.
You’ll see a + button in the tp left.


Now, you need to select a movie. This allows you to work freely, apposed to having a trailer template.
You’ll then see your camera roll popup. Tap the video you just recorded, and press “create movie” at the bottom.

At the bottom, you can see your “Timeline”, a representation of your video in linear form. Tap the part of it where your video is. At the bottom, you’ll see a button to control speed, volume, text, and themes. Click the volume, and set that 0%, then speed, and set that to 2x.
Now, with a long piece of footage, you may need to do more than 2. But, how?

Well, you need to press “Done” in the top left. Plress the shar button, then save video.
Go back to edit. Tap again on the video in the timeline, and delete it in the bottom right.

Then in the media panel in the right of the screen, press video, and add in the new, speed up version.
Like before, click on the timeline, and speed that up by 2x.

Repeat these steps until the video is quick enough for your liking.


Want to add music? iMovie has a nice set of copyright free music. In the media panel,select audion, soundtrack, then add any of the tracks you

Good Luck On Your First Timelapse!


Finally, a tutorial of how to make a time-lapse. But I have a question, is there any software like imovie in android?

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There are quite a few iMovie alternatives for Android. I’ll list below the options I can think of off the top of my head.

Software Supported Format Price
FilmoraGo MOV / MP4 / JPEG / PNG / BMP Free
Videoshow MP4 / MP3 Free / $2.99 (pro)
VivaVideo MP4 / MP3 Free / $3.99 (pro)
Vidtrim MP4 / MP3 Free
WeVideo MP4 / MP3 Free
Magisto MP4 / MP3 Free
KineMaster MP4 / MVO / JPEG Free

Regulars, if you know of any other applications, feel free to add them here, as I’ve made this post a wiki.


Yes, there are plenty. I know of, Videoleap, and Splice, but have no experience with either. Not sure about screen recorders if you are looking for them too.
Hope that helps!


Android already has a screen recorder already installed I think. Thank you @InfiniteFlightDeck and @lucaviness for your help!

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Oh okay. Never used Android. I always thought there wasn’t one. :)

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Adobe Rush is available for Android and the basic features are available for free and a subscription doesn’t cost too much either to get the full experiance


Premiere pro is available to those who have an adobe sub

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Generally iMovie Mac is the best for timelapses, as it can do 1000000000x speed or more if you wanted it to, where iMovie mobile does a max of 2x speed.

Well yes, not if you don’t have a Mac it isn’t :)

Nope, there isn’t any pre-installed screen recorder for Android devices. You have to use a third party screen recorder.

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To my knowledge, the best one is premiere Rush

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