How to Make an Event

Ok, so I want to create a realistic fly out. I was wondering how to do that.

Hi! This unfortunately doesn’t belong in #live:events. You may change it to #live.

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Charts, real flights from the airport, real airlines that operate there. I personally tend to do GA events
or tribute events (such as my upcoming TriJet FlyOut) so that I don’t have to worry about researching flights.

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Oh you sneaky little person 😂

  1. decide airport
  2. lets say it only has 1 terminal
  3. make a word/pages document and make a table
  4. Table should contain:
    gate, flight time, airline, aircraft, destination
  5. copy and paste table into IFC thread
  6. attach charts and write some extra info and why you chose the airport
  7. choose a date
  8. VOILA!!

Ok I’m thinking about the best airport my home KCLT!

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so 5 concourses. What you want to do is then make 5 tables, and give them all one concourse. Then, look up what airlines fly from different concourses. Use FR24 to find flights

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chart link

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Don’t forget to make it decorative 😉

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Here’s a great guide!


Why, if it isn’t a fellow CLT person. Howdy!


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