How to make a va

So i wanna know how to make a VA and a website for it because i wanna make a spicejet virtual

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There’s you need to prepare things such as you Operations plan and Experience statement, and a website. Then, you could apply for IFVARB. IFVARB will review your application and eventually approve it. For your website, there’s many free platforms to make one such as Weebly. Lastly, you need to be TL2 in IFC to apply. Feel free to PM me for more questions.

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I would recommend checking out the IFVARB’s Website
It gives all the information needed to start a VA




Ok checked everything and I wanna make the website for it, can you send me a link to make it


@ETHAN_YT There are multiple ways to create a website. the 2 I would personally recommend are




You can also use Google Websites, another great option and what I use for my VA :)

Check it out


First, I recommend reading this section of IFVARB

Once you have a clear understanding of all the requirements to create a VA and have fulfilled them, you should create a website. I recommend using to create it; it’s a completely free and highly interactive software for building the website for your next virtual airline. Plus, you don’t need experience to create a website—just unleash your creativity. :)

Next, move on to creating the operational plan for your airline. Here, you should include absolutely all the information about how your airline will operate, including ranks, your airline’s fleet, and any additional information you believe is necessary to include in your operational plan. Remember, you don’t have to follow a specific model; everything should be based on your creativity. This operational plan serves as a reference for your airline’s operations, so I recommend thinking through and organizing your ideas well before starting to draft it.

After that, you need to craft your experience statement. It’s not necessary to have a lot of experience or to have held a significant position in another VA. Simply write down the reasons why you consider yourself a good candidate to be the CEO of your virtual airline. Remember that you must be completely competent to carry out this important role, as you would be steering a virtual airline, and the success and progress of your airline depend entirely on you. Consider yourself a good leader who always stands up for their organization and helps it grow.

Finally, enjoy the process! Believe me, it’s quite fun, and the IFVARB staff will always be there for you to resolve any doubts you may have during the review process of your virtual airline. If you have any questions or concerns, always ask until you get the answers.

As mentioned earlier, it’s not necessary to have held a significant position in a virtual airline to take the reins of one. However, always be aware of and understand the role that virtual airlines play in the community and have a clear plan for how you will manage your organization once it’s been approved.

Good luck! I hope this becomes a reality. If you have any doubts, you can contact me privately, and I’d be happy to help :)


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