How to make a VA?

Hi how to make a va in infinite flight?


Start with this first.



There are a couple things to read over before deciding to make a VA. First couple thing are these topics here!

These 2 threads will help you understand the process and the rules behind creating a VA.

Secondly you should read about the VA Category itself, you can do that here. About the VA Category

And lastly, if you continue with the idea of making a VA. Make sure its not taken, by checking the database here! The IFVARB Official Virtual Airline Database - #4

Hopfully I’ve answered your question today!


Glad to hear you’re getting involved in the VA Community! To add on to what Connor and Chris have said, there’s two other things that CEOs of VAs are expected to have

  1. Trust Level 2 on the forum. Please see this topic;
    Why have I not reached TL* yet?

  2. Experience in VAs. Before you start a VA, you will need to have had some pilot ad staff position experience in someone else’s VA. See this topic for a list of certified VAs;
    The IFVARB Official Virtual Airline Database
    Or if you’re up for the challenge of being a staff member to a non-certified VA, see here;
    Prospective VA Staff Request Thread


Hello! I am noticing that your a basic user in order to run a VA you have to be TL2 just take that in to account. Good luck with starting a VA! All the best- AZA ;)


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