How to make a VA crew center?

Hello IFC,
I have a VA in the making and I need a crew center, however I don’t know how to make one tbh. Please assist.

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PhVMS has a forum and some handbooks on their website that you can look at.


What is their website?

I also need this info too.

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A simple google search revealed this:


yeah i realized that and am reading up on their tutorials. thanks tho!

Ok. So let’s say this. I write the crew center in HTML, but what are some good website hosing software for basic HTML?

You can’t write a CrewCenter solely in HTML. If you’re making it yourself, you must know what you are doing because remember you’re working with people’s passwords.

I highly recommend phpVMS, and although it’s not 100% official yet, my virtual airline service provider V1 Systems can do these. Fill out the form at if you’re interested.


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