How to make a tripreport?

I’ve seen a lot of tripreports across the community, and I would like some advice.

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1: Fly on an airplane
2: Do a comprehensive review of it.
3. Take Pictures and use them as helpful visuals!
Sample review:


Here’s a great example:

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I heard about pocket recording how does that work?

Use pictures, give detail, be specific. Try to be organized too if you have a lot to say

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@LegendaryRoro88 “Pocket recording”? That doesn’t sound familiar, where did you hear that term? (If it was on IFC, could you provide a link?)

From @Swiss Ryanair tripreport it is on YT

I watched the video you mentioned. Swiss is just saying that he was trying to record video while his phone was half-in his pocket.(I guess he didn’t want people to know he was filming?) Probably has nothing to do with the actual trip report, it’s just Swiss making a joke.

Are we allowed to record security and immigration?

You might not be allowed to film through security (at least in the US), but walking through the terminals and boarding the aircraft shouldn’t be a problem. Swiss is probably just trying to stay inconspicuous.

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Basically just take pictures or videos of cool things, things you like, or things you don’t like.

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