How to make a support request.

This is where you should ask questions about any issue you are having with Infinite Flight. Please read the following before opening a support topic so we can help you best.

Include as much detail or steps to reproduce the issue as briefly as possible.

Please include:

Please do NOT reply to this category description post with a support request.
You must open a new Support topic or private message with the information below. Thank you.
New community members with low Trust Levels cannot send PMs right away. Such new members should click HERE for support. All are welcome to use that as well.

Device brand, and model as well as current operating system version i.e. iPad Air 2 iOS10, or Samsung GalaxyA7 Android 5.0 etc.

Note any modifications, ‘rooted, or jailbroken’ custom ROM, or third party apps installed such as screen recorders, etc.

Screen shots are welcome.

Include briefly the steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot without success. Such as ‘restarted and reinstalled app without resolution’

If you have a concern regarding your Live account subscription, log in errors etc, you are welcome to send a private message to @Tyler_Shelton or @Mark_Denton with the above details as well as the following 3 items:

1.Your full user display name (not email please)
2.Last known call sign
3.The complete copy of the subscription purchase receipt. Attached or pasted image is fine.

One on one support is always welcome. Contact @Mark_Denton or @Tyler_Shelton in a private message with your support needs.

Do not post personal information in the Support open forum category.

Always provide as much information possible so we may better assist you!

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Thanks for this! Hopefully now we won’t have to ask for the info in every support topic.


Hi I have a problem to subscribe.No active infinite flight live subscriptions found


Please also read this :)

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Please universally pin!


I was about to land at Knuc after a 20min flight and then Unfortunately, Infinite Flight has stopped working

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A post was split to a new topic: No Subscription Found

I already purchased today twice and im still not subscribed to live i already press the i already subcribe and nothing happened please reply asap @david big brother 😞😞😞

Are both google accounts the same one?

@david goodnight
I want to know why my grade has increased from 2 to grade 1
I delete my application and reinstall it is nothing new always the problem I have still buy all several aircraft I would just have a discount of my grade thank you david …

EKDXB callsign

Please help me;)

I would need you to provide a screen shot of the Grade Information screen from your user profile in the app.
Also please read the “How to make a support request” intro at the top.

Please do not open a support request by replying to this category description.
Read the “How to make a support request” category intro post (Above) for the best way to get help. Replies to the category description are the incorrect means of requesting help.


Please make a separate support topic as per @david’s request. Thanks. :)

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comment poser des questions?

Salut et bienvenue dans cette communauté!
Si tu as une question concernant Infinite Flight, n’hésite surtout pas à créer un sujet dans #support:francais. Tu recevras des réponses en français uniquement, ce qui peu t’aider!
N’oubli surtout pas que tu peux uniquement parler français dans #support:francais! Parle anglais partout ailleurs (ou espagnol dans #support:espanol) !
J’espère que je t’ai aidé et que tu vas trouver des réponses à tes question… À bientôt! :)

This isn’t really a #support request. It should be moved to #meta.

But it should stil be here so that people making a support request can see it while they’re making one. I think this should be pinned again due to many (new) users not providing enough information for us to help.


It’s the description for the Support category. It’s shouldn’t go to any other category.


Excuse me,
I can not send a private message…image