How to make a sonic boom (sort of)

Two days ago, I was flying around on the f-14 going supersonic. If you go on the “left”/"free view and fly as close as possible to the camera, you can kind of make a sonic boom. It won’t really work if the plane is far from the camera.

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I will try that later.

You can also park up at SFO on the casual server and get a friend to fly inches above, supersonic, you whilst parked up.

The boom / noise when they fly over is awfully loud and sudden!


Are you talking about the “look” of a sonic boom or the sound? If you are talking about the “look” of it, it is not actually a sonic boom. It is cloud condensation under curtain conditions moving over the plane.
I will try it thought.

No it’s just the sound.

I’ve known this for a while + there is also a sort of “lightning rattle” sound!didn’t really know what to call it

why would it look like a sonic boom? There aren’t any clouds yet.

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