How to make a smooth landing?

So, I was wondering how people keep the nose up for that long after having touched down with back wheels. I just can’t do it and after a few seconds, my front wheels come down too. With people, I mean those in the smoothest landings in Infinite Flight video.

Looks like you are landing too slow, what aircraft and speed do you touch down with?

For example, Boeing 747-400, touchdown speed 150 knots, medium weight, no wind

Idle engines at 10ft (reduce power if flying an aircraft with ground effect, and idle at 10ft, flare at 30ft (small aircrafts), flare at 50ft (slowly) with bigger aircrafts.

Try with 160kts and some trim. 15%.

I’ll try it, thanks. I’ll post the results here in a sec.

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Remember to flare slowly. Or flare faster at a lower altitude.

“Flaring fast” at a “lower altitude” suggests you have most likely done you approach a bit wrong, or you forgot to flare at the right altitude which you thought “let’s flare fast” flaring fast is not the best thing to do because your plane will end up flying away from the ground and then you will mess up and you might even have to go around. :) correct me if I am wrong. :)

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Honestly I was told to make a single fast movement instead of a slow one.

And with the lack of altitude callouts, flaring has become harder.

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This is a bug on the aircraft or your doing your approach wrong.

To be honest sir, I am not the best with landings but I have experience :)

You can set one of your taps at the bottom for altitude and monitor it on landing. That’s what I do

I approach with -700 of VS.

I do to, but at the last 100ft or so, you might want to bring your self up to 500VS them flare, I hope that helps sir

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The 747 in IF has the spoilers et too high, therefore a hard landing is often inevitable. The A320 family will help improve landing smoothness.

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You can get a smooth landing if you raise the nose to 5°.


Try to land with a lighter load

You can touch at 150 and keep it up if flaps are full with a lot of trim

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