How to make a long name

Since I started olaying IF, my name could only be a small amount of characters long. I’m now a grade 4, and that didn’t change.
While I can’t make a long name, I see people like this with very long names, and I wonder how they do it. Could you please tell me how they did it?
Some guy I saw while landing at KLAX

I’m pretty sure that both Callsigns and Display Names had no restrictions towards the beginning days of Infinite Flight. I’m not sure if this is the case or whatnot. But that’s my basic knowledge

There is a 20 Character limit in Display Name now.

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Here is a test I just did.
I tried to write “I CANT MAKE IT LONGER THAN THIS” and it stopped me at:

Thanks for the help though :)

How did that person make their’s longer, though?

@Robertine They must have had that name before the restriction was put on place. That’s how some people have custom call signs, and long names. Infinite Flight won’t take away their name /callsign, but if they change it, they can’t change it back again.


Yeah, 3-4 years ago now, the restriction was put in place due to the amount of abuse within the callsigns and display names. People used to use them as an outlet for swearing and other inappropriate words. Only the long time user’s and moderators/staff are grandfathered in. However if these user’s were to change their callsign… It would be lost.

So this person is probably one of the dear long time users of Infinite Flight! Sad it had to come to that point of the restriction… :)


This pilot likely had this name as their Google account name, and it’s the default display name that’s showing. It’s something we’re working on improving :)


Aaaaw, such a nice story!
Indeed, it is sad that restrictions had come this far.
I can easily imagine a day without restrictions LOL

Los Angeles Unicom, HOTEL HOTEL HOTEL HOTEL HOTEL HOTEL HOTEL HOTEL HOTEL HOTEL is taking off runway 25R, departing west!


Oh, good luck! :)

Imagine a user who had the callsign Beach Lasagna. That’s why they have restrictions in place.


Oh, god no!!! NO!!! NO!!!

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Ohhh I remembers the HOTEL HOTE HOTE HOTEL GUY!!! XD

I’m currently at KLAX and my name is « spot me I’m robertine » on casual server, east remote stand 347 if you want to meet me :)

Why would you want a long name in the first place? 🤔

Your name is meant to be short enough for people to easily recognize who you are. You’re not supposed to put your entire life story in your display name.


I guess one would like to have a ultra long name just to be different from the crowd, to stand out and be unique like no other. But I just like you Nathan do agree that there not really point in having a long name. It does sound sort of semi-cool, although just a unnecessary gimmick thingy that some might want to have… 😶

Correct, I used to have a 15 character Callsign for a while and then they removed that many characters in a display\callsign in the early days of live.

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It’s just that with my middle and last name, it doesn’t fit!
It’s actually kind of funny that it doesn’t fit LOL!

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