How to make a good landing manually?

Hello IFC! Whenever I try to land manually the plane always pitches up or down very drastically. I really don’t like using APPR mode because it takes the fun away from landings. Do you have any suggestions for me?


I also forgot to include that I usually crash on short final.

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You might not like this answer, but from my experience and exposure to media, the important aspect is still feeling the correct timing and pitch attitude to flare etc. And that stuff requires experience and practice. Memorising which flare angle for what aircraft at what speeds is not as important as practice to me.


Its ok, I understand

Would suggest that you look through the tutorial section of the forum, watch a couple of videos on how to land these will give you some help.


Ok, I will consider that.

Here’s how I land. I first calibrate my phone at about a 45 degree angle from the ground and set the trim to 30-40% (depends on aircraft). With this set up, you shouldn’t worry about pulling up so far that it’s hard to see your screen. Once I reach 10 nm out (the start of the red/gray triangle that ends at the runway), I am at 180 knots and around 3300 feet agl. I gradually slow down until I am at the plane’s landing speed, which are usually between 130 and 140 knots, higher for the 747 and a380. When I hear the “100” on the GPWS, I turn off automatic speed and let the throttle sit there, until about 30 when I’ll slightly flare and retard the throttle. However, make sure you flare very gently or you will float.


Sounds like you don’t calibrate it which might be the cause of it drastically going up and down

Here’s my way

Set your comfortable trim
Set altitude AGL on your HUD
Start flaring at about 20ft AGL and get power to IDLE
Try to keep this little circle slowly to horizont line

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We don’t need to close this. We can have people tell how they like to land manually!!

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Experience, Practice and Patience. Keeping playing the game and eventually you will be able to butter every time. I do recommend you watch the YouTube tutorials.

Find your sensitivity settings which also suit you. It can be really worth it by going into solo play and doing landings and keep tweaking it till you find a setting thats really fluid and smooth yet without unecessary movement making it look like youre landing at Schipol on a windy afternoon!

I think @Justin_Chan really hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s vitally important that you practice. I would recommend flying in solo with winds at 0knts. After a while once you get the hang of it gradually add more wind. It might seem hopeless but everyone had hard times landing at one point.

Thank you so much for all the help everyone!

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Stability. It’s all about stability. If you’re not stable starting 3 nm out, you probably aren’t gonna make a smooth landing. You want to try to keep the plane as still as possible, which makes it easy to flare and land. To practice, go on solo and do an approach or a runway (not short final), and fly in trying to make NO major adjustments. You can even try to do it with one hand!

For me, it’s all about comfort. You have to make sure that you’re in a comfortable position when you’re landing and taking a/p off. Not all of my landings are great, but when they are okay, it’s when I find a comfortable position to hold my device and relax. Like others have said, stability is key, and I agree with them 100%. So relax, and just land the plane. I know it sounds easy, but give it a few shots in solo mode and you’ll get the hang of “relaxing” on final 😉

Best wishes,

One word. Only one word. Practice. I had IF before all the appr and other fancy stuff was there. Back then the only way was to do a manual landing. Even now, I never do an auto landing. Always manual. Its more fun because you actually do something, and it keeps me in practice.


Hello, everyone! I have been taking all of your advice and I have started to improve on manual landings!


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