How to make a good event

Hi, I’ve just reached TL2 so I’m now able to make events and I want to make one but I don’t know where to start, can you give me some tips and tricks on how to make my event the best

Take a look at these topics:

Use the first for General Event creation guidelines. The second is how you can make your event stand out. Have fun!

Smooth Skies

Ok, I will take a look

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If you need help with formatting the topic, then I recommend you asking JackBot, aka. Balloonchaser for help. His event threads are one of the best on the forum.

Here are some examples:


Oh by the way, if you’re looking for good turnouts, find a time that is not only suitable for you, but for a majority of people.

Ok, thanks Starley, I know I can always use your help 😉

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Yeah thanks, that’s great advice

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Along with finding a suitable time for people as Nate explained, make sure to add something to your event topic that makes people interested (Like for a fly-in, do some background information on that airport or a certain route).

Just made a poll on what everyone’s favourite event type is

Yeah I’ll try that, thanks!

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