How To Make A Flight Plan

Hi everyone I have a question how do you make a flight plan for IF because I want to make one that’s like in real life but I don’t know how to do that so could someone please tell me how to do that exactly, Thank you very much.

Go to, enter flight info and then there you go.

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This is a good tutorial to get your started. You need to learn the IF interface first before moving onto third party websites/apps.


Thank you very much 👍🏽

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I appreciate everyone’s help

I know how to do that but I was looking how to make a real life flight plan but thank you

This should help. 👍

Thank you again it works that’s just what I was looking for😎👍🏽

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Always happy to help. Safe travels!

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I’m always dreaming of this map with terrain back to Infinite Flight.
I’ve got a spare bottle of Champagne especially for this day!


I only recently started using them properly (after years of using the trusty old “straight line” autonav) but then started using Fploif/ Simbrief. Trust me, it’s addictive and you’ll never go back to the standard straight line NAV. It’s fairly self explanatory – input basic flight details such as aircraft, origin and destination airports will pull up all the variables you need, including step climb (option) but best of all, the Navigation Flight Plan using multiple, realistic way points that your plane will navigate across the route.

If you’ve never used it before, you’ll love it. And then you can adjust/ remove waypoints and even direct yourself straight onto the runway several thousands of miles away. Just copy and paste it into your box when normally searching for an airport to navigate to. You can adjust it at any point during the flight as well if you fancy taking a different line of approach or route.

Check it out….

Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much

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