How to make a flight plan for 20.1?

Hi guys.How to make a flight plan for 20.1.I will make a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines livery on Training Server because I was ghosted for a week.I was confused to make a flight plan.I usually just copy and paste from FPL to IF.With this update,is that method still can be used Thanks for your help.

it is basically the same as in 19.4,

but you can select arrival paths. to select one click the airport icon and at the bottom there is a 3 letter word in the very right hand side, click it. then select arrival, then choose your path

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Once you make it, I don’t understand how to follow it.

simply click LNAV. once you get close to your destination, click VNAV and it will descend for you

LNAV is turning me to a heading of 270, but my flight plan says 21.

shouldn’t be

check your Flight plan again and make sure it is filed properly

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