How to Make a Custom Flight Plan

So like a lot of people, I use to make my flight plans, but sometimes I like to change the route a little for certain reasons. Is there another website where I can make a manual flight plan. I would use Infinite Flight, but on some flights I like to follow the coast and the map in IF is not very exact. For example, tomorrow I am going to fly KMVL to KEYW in the TBM (MVL is a small airport just East of Burlington in Vermont) but I want to follow the coast of Florida and fly over the islands of the Key when approaching EYW and the flight plan I got from SimBrief takes me through a pretty boring route

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Check out this tutorial!


Rather than the great source that Mr. @DiamondGaming4 directed you to… You can also use Google Earth Pro. Which is a free PC application. Once you’ve drawn out your FPL, you can put it into a FPL converter

See This Topic For More Details:


Aaha! I used skyvector a few months ago to fly along the coast between Lima and Santiago but I couldn’t remember the website name!

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use skyvector, then either you use the navlog from skyvector, possibly with SID/STAR charts, or use simbrief then simbrief classic option on

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I’m almost like you. I actually never use FPLtoIF, instead I make it all by myself on IF. Most of my flights include 25+ Waypoints

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