How to make a button for a topic?

anyone know how to add a button to a thread and how to customize the button? If you don’t understand what I mean it’s like when you click on a logo but it opens up a link. If you can help thanks.

You can use HTML on the IFC. Search up HTML tutorials :)

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Thanks. I don’t just want the html though. To make it “fresh” lol

Do you mean to add a something like a social media icon to which when you click it it takes you to a website?

Yes sam. Exactly that. @Sam_Jacobs1

Do you mean something like this?


Yes. Exactly like this. @dush19

Here’s what I typed



  1. Get the image you want as the icon
  2. Upload it
  3. Add a [ before the image code and ] after the image code
  4. Enclose your URL after the ] within parenthesis ()

Thank you!!! Much appreciated