How to look out for others within the IFC

fact check: TRUE
i’ve suffered from this for a long time


Thanks so much this help with my spelling problems. In which some problems appeared ☺️🙏🏾

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Thank you for bringing awareness on this. We sometimes forget we have people of all walks of life in the IF community.


Doesn’t cost any money to be a nice person.


Well, good to see a topic on this, I was working on one for the IFC, but I guess that I can scrap it!

Did you know IFC that I have:

  • OCD
  • Dyslexia
  • ADHD

It is really hard for people with these! Don’t mind our spelling!


Great post and even better information. As others stated before, be kind to each other. You never know what someone is going through.

This community and game is an escape for a lot of people. Be respectful and kind. We’re all human. We’re all in this together.


Thank you so much for your support!

No problem at all, I really do know how it feels!

Such facts right there!

Really really is hard! Thanks for your support!

Really is and I really hope that more people can feel comfortable in the community! Thanks for you support!


I am currently going through a hard time lately. I lost a great friend of mine a few weeks ago. Hand on heart I really miss him. He was there for me when I was having a bad day and now he is gone. My heart is smashed into pieces. I don’t know what to do. He was a legend to me.


Mayo clinic lmao- No but honestly I don’t know what the hell I have. I really need to look into a therapist

Aw Bb, I’m so sorry to hear that. We’re here with open hands whenever you wanna get back into the skies.


I’m going through the same. Feel free to pm me if u ever feel comfortable talking about it.


I’m so sorry… Even though it has been a few months, remember he will always be in your heart. I feel you. My mum’s friend died a couple years ago because of depression and I was real sad for a while. It might be stuck there but you won’t always be thinking about it. Once again I’m sorry.


It is not a disorder nor a deficit, it is a superpower in many ways if you see the power in it and can control it nothin is stoppin ya. Yes I am a diagnosed ADHD smeller too don’t worry. :)

My own quote of domination: “Don’t criticize my journey without knowing my destination.” - Leo S

ya zimi bredrins, big respect to the ones called @texasaviation @shadow2 @Jaylan_Brown @TylerShah @Americanboi


Wooooo! ADHD is very much a super power, great post!


I know I’m completely late to this post, I didn’t feel the need for a reply at the time. 🙄😅

Thanks for making this post. As a community we should be more open and aware to people of all disabilities and disorders, no matter the affect, advantages, or disadvantages it brings. We all want equality.

As someone who in earlier life suffered from many mental issues mostly relating to uncontrollable anger, autism has affected me in many ways, but I never look back and think of that. I always look ahead to the future and the life i can achieve. Bet you didnt know i had asperger’s syndrome unless I’ve told you or you have looked at my profile? 😜

I’ve been around and worked along with people with all these types of health types across my life, and everyone just appreciates even a conversation as long as it is positive. The majority here won’t be afraid or worried to talk about their conditions or parts of their lives, as sometimes even just a random supportive conversation takes the extra mile and can make a great difference on someone’s day.


I have ADHD too.


Thanks so much for marking this. I have ADD and it really makes me feel that someone is there and someone cares. Thank you so much.


Anxiety, depression, and mental illness in general are urgent, simply deafening things. No matter how many logical reasons you have to be happy or positive, when they are present - you can hear nothing else. As someone with anxiety and ADHD - I am speaking from experience. I call it the question mark pain, as much as you get to know it - or yourself, it’s tough living with that question mark sometimes and seemingly impossible at other times.

When I was 17 - I decided to seek some help and for the last 15 years since that time, I’ve struggled with striking the right balance between sharing too much or too little about my health. My anxiety tells me “no one actually wants to hear that!” …but my comfort craving mind says “you might enjoy the emotional release!”

Seeing your post and all the replies from all of our lovely community members just warmed my heart. People that speak out about their problems are doing a very brave thing. It’s easy for some and understandably tougher for others. Personally, I’ve come to find it very easy and therapeutic even, but not at first. It also takes a few layers off of whomever your sharing it with, when people react a certain way after you’ve shared this reality about yourself, after you’ve taken that step to be an open book - it’s very eye opening at times. You get to know who doesn’t understand (and that’s okay), and you get to know who suffers just like you, and sharing your experience just might have saved them or at the very least you can make someone else feel that they are not alone.

To anyone reading - if this sounds familiar: You’re not alone. I see you and I get how taxing it is to live your most authentic truth (whatever that looks like) while also wading through the negative opinions and reactions of others. I also see many, many people who care both here, and in “real” life. It’s not all bad, and you should try your best to believe it - even if you don’t right away.

What I have learned over the years is that not every person is going to want to understand what you go through. It’s a hard reality to face, but I also think it says so much more about them than it does about you. Remember - you are not the sum of someone else’s response (or lack thereof). When somebody shows you their true colours, don’t try to repaint them.

It’s such a fundamental part of being human to love, and to feel loved - and when we feel like we don’t have a strong social support in that aspect things are just much more difficult to cope with. It becomes hard to cope with any feeling you absorb in your human experience; good or bad, happy or sad, and then to try and justify these feelings as to how you should feel, or how you should react to them is very, very difficult when you lose sight of the knowledge and experience of love and the map it provides us.

Having a strong social circle - or at least one person you can truly open up to is a very important thing. I have lost both parents, battled cancer, lost everything in life, then lost it again. However, the people around me helped me through it - and I wouldn’t be writing this message if it wasn’t for them.

Carrying all these bricks in our metaphorical backpacks can be tough sometimes. It can hurt… a lot. I am so glad that someone replied to this topic and bumped it up - as I did not see it before. This pandemic has been the rotten cherry on top of the beautiful sundae that are us folks with mental health problems. If anyone ever wants to talk - please send me a private message, I will always listen and hopefully provide you with some help, or at the very least: a confidential, non-judgemental ear that will listen.

I work at a very busy (not currently) casino as a Table Games Pit Manager (or “pit boss” as they call us in the movies) and believe me, I have seen human beings in probably every state that they can be in. Everything from joy to grandiose to anger to suicidal. It has taught me a lot about life, about our minds, and most importantly it’s taught me how to be a better person. Nothing makes me happier than helping another person, and I have been forcefully put in that position many times and seen unimaginable, horrible things - and I prefer to see people not get to that stage. Part of my job is counselling people, those who come to me - and those who need to be checked in on.

To anyone who is carrying a heavy backpack full of bricks - just remember life has a middle, you are in the middle, and middles can be the hardest - that’s where you can get really lost. But you can also find yourself, and learn how to live it to the fullest.

Don’t waste your miracle on your pain.

I also agree with the observations that things like ADHD, anxiety, and other mental illnesses can help you, just as much as they seem to hurt you. I also think ADHD is a super power - but like all power, you must understand how it works, and learn to control it. It’s mystifying at times and euphoric when you figure this out. That’s why my name is “Enigma” - if you look up the definition it says: a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. My name in real life is actually Josh, but you get the idea… ;)

Anyways, sorry for rambling on - but I meant every word I said. We are only as strong as those around us - and I think this community is a pretty fantastic place to be. Now, if you’ll excuse me - I have to start my approach into VHHH… lol

You are all amazing! Stay strong, and stay safe!


I wish I could give you 10 more hearts instead of just one.


You the truth man. Spreading love and educations rather than hate and negativity. Wise beyond your years.