How to log flight hours

So I just got this simulator, and it doesn’t seem to log any of my time flying. At this point I’ve flown at least more that 2 hours, landed multiple times, and taken off multiple times, but it doesn’t count any of them. I’ve tried starting from short final and short departure, but it still doesn’t count them. I’m trying to get to Grade 2, so what am I doing wrong?

From what it looks like you we’re flying in solo mode which will not count towards your Live Flight time and landings.

Are you flying Solo or multiplier? I don’t think solo counts towards your logs.

So ANOTHER problem I’m having is that whenever I try to connect to a Live Flight, a few moments after entering I get a notification in the top right saying that there was an error connecting to the live flight server. I’m still able to fly around, but there’s no other pilots. On top of that, it STILL doesn’t count any hours I’ve flown, or landings/takeoffs I’ve done in there.

Do you have a strong internet connection?

Yes. Connected to WiFi

Can you send a picture of what you’re seeing?

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Never mind, problem sorta fixed itself. I connected sucessfully,but I disconnected a few times. Eventually it reconnected. I ended the fligh and it counted the XP, takeoff, and flight time. Thanks!


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