How to localize Mt. Everest?

Is there a way like for example using the new NAV1 and NAV2?


You can’t. Mount Everest doesn’t have a localizer.


I don’t think there’s a VOR to tune into on the mountain it’s self so you may have to go visually. Using Liveflight and turning it to satellite helps give you an idea of where you are in regards to the mountain.

But I remember someone locating Mount Everest using this nav thing

You can use GPS coordinates

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Yeah GPS coordinates

I think you can put these into the search bar and if will highlight these coordinates…

27.9881° N, 86.9250° E Those are the coordinates for Mt. Everest.

Didnt work

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Well so much for a useless topic. I was going to try and locate the UTA flight 772 memorial but I guess not.

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Well yeah, you’re not going to be able to do it if you give up that quickly. Persevere.

As for your question, there’s plenty of stuff on the forum that converts GPS to IF-accepted formats. I’ve linked one below, but if it doesn’t work, just keep looking.


It kinda seems to work only for the N and the E part.

It does not seem to register the numbers so that is a problem.

It should work with 2798N/8692E, naturally it won’t be as accurate. Thats the form coordinates is put in when using FPLTOIF


Add a waypoint or a space to the end of what @emil said.

VNLK 2798N/8692E for example

You’re coordinates are a little bit off, but the format is correct @emil!

The summit of Mount Everest is at 27°59’18"N 86°55’30"E. You can enter those coordinates like this: 2759N/8655E 😊

Infinite Flight doesn’t recognize seconds, that’s why you’ll have to leave them out.


Ah. I see…

Oh it works! Thanks so much!

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