How to livestream your screen?

How do you livestream your screen on an IPhone. I would like to livestream the Cancer Awareness flyout coming up in 19 days.


This is not IF related but here’s how to do it.

Then connect to your YouTube channel.

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Not to record. To livestream. 🙂

Your first search should have been Google, not the IFC. I’ve found plenty of results just by searching it up. Please remember to keep topics related to IF. :)

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From the YouTube app, tap the Camera icon at the top of the interface, then tap through all the permission screens if you haven’t done so before. When you reach the recording screen, tap Go live and set your video options—a title, an audience (public or unlisted), and a location, if you want to attach one. Under More options you can turn live chat on or off for the feed. With that done, tap Next , take a thumbnail for your video, and hit Go live again to get started. On the recording screen itself, you can see current viewers and comments, switch between cameras, mute the microphone, and even add a few filters for good measure. Tap the Menu button (bottom right) to share the feed with others straight from your phone, and when you’re done, tap the cross icon (top right) to end the stream.


I don’t see a step that says (or is close too) “record my screen”.

Is it this?

Or is it

Maybe this?

I also tried what you said above but wonderfully got granted with this!


Omlet Arcade. Just connect YouTube and you can add overlays as well

I believe Mobcrush works for screen recording live-streams. For YouTube I am not sure.

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