How to livestream Infiniteflight on YouTube?

Hello, y’all. I’m live streaming some IF later today and wanted to know how? I know that you can use Omlet Arcade but how do you add a thumbnail? How this, how that? I’m on iOS!

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I just mentioned I will and already know how. :P

I was asking how we can add a thumbnail.

My bad didn’t see that! Don’t know how I missed that. 🤦🏻‍♂️
I think there’s an option before you stream to make a thumbnail. Not 100 percent sure so I’d wait for someone who’s got more experience to find this thread and give you an actual answer. Google is your friend though so I’d ask google instead of the forum since this is an Infinite Flight forum.

Sebastian has nothing to do with anything outside of Infinite Flight that’s why I suggested to look up a tutorial on Google instead of asking a forum primarily for Infinite Flight and not Omlet Arcade tutorials. :)

darn. Burnt muffins.

I’ve heard of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), which is a popular computer-based streaming software. Perhaps mirroring your phone’s screen to the computer then running OBS to record the screen of the computer, therefore recording the phone at the same time. Not a live streamer, but I hope this helps! 👍🏻

Shouldn’t you have researched this beforehand 😂

If you have less than 1000 subs you may not be able to stream from a mobile device

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Well why go through the hassle if you could just screen record your phone?

Still asking about the live stream. :/

Again, look up a tutorial on Google for answers. If you can’t find any tutorials somehow on Google or YouTube contact their support. Everyone has tried to help you out. We’ve directed you to sources that can benefit you. Nothing else needs to be said. You can PM someone if you need further assistance. :)


Hmm, thanks! I’ll try searching up a tutorial, if I find nothing I’ll come back here!

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Adding on, I believe before you schedule a stream via YouTube, you could have the option to add a thumbnail, but this can only be done on the browser based creator studio and not on the app.

I’ll try that out!

Ask their support if you need any further assistance not the forum. The forum isn’t the place for help with other apps that don’t relate.

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The forum has many Youtubers that livestream, I asked here because they all have great knowledge and ideas. My Gmail account was automatically deleted and I emailed Google and went on support, its been 4 months and they haven’t replied!

Thanks for help guys!

and I’ll try and ask Omlet for support!

Great. I linked their support page in my last comment above. Thanks! :)

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Just found a tutorial!

On Omlet I should livestream connecting to youtube. Then change my thumbnail from their Studio. Apparently it works on PC!

Thank y’all!



Happy to help! 😉

That is for YouTube he is talking about Omlet arcade

Even if, I can stream in YouTube via omlet

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