How to link a Thread?

In many posts and replies, I have quoted certain text in a thread but I don’t know how to quote a thread itself. Do I just link it? I’ve seen it done before and would like to figure out how to do it. Any help is appreciated.

Highlight the first post in the thread? I want to quote the entire thread

Do you mean this?

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Highlight and press quote:


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Yes, I mean to do that

link the post

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Click this button:

Copy the link, then paste it.

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No, I’d like the quote the entire thread, look at @Will_A’s post in this thread, that’s what I’m trying to do

Ok got it. Thanks for the help!

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Thank you!

Thanks for the help everyone! This topic can now be closed.

OP requested closure. Thanks for helping out everyone! Stay safe and have a good day!