How To level up on the community

Can someone tell me how to level up on IFC because i have more than the required reading time, likes and other requirements but im still TL1


This topic should have all the information you need to know!


The IF Community Has different requirements compared to the standard ones from discourse.

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I checked the link on the post and i have more than the required reading time likes and the other requirements

Can someone send me the IFC requirements on that post it only shows the discourse requirements

Nope. They’re not public. It’s literally impossible for a non-admin to figure it out.

Continue to be active, helpful, and kind. It’ll come your way soon. 😁

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Oh okay thanks for the help

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The exact IFC requirements for levelling up to TL2 are hidden to prevent TL farming.

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Oh thanks for the info

Just like and comment and make posts and reply and you will get there no time

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