How to land with SR22 in slight to strong crosswinds

I have been looking many times to the tutorial “how to land in crosswinds” where it shows how to land in an airliner or a general aviation plane. Two techniques are explicited: crab and low wing.
I manage to use both techniques on an airliner or in TBM930 but none works for me on the SR20.

Each time the SR20 goes against the wind. I’ve been trying many things: high speed, low speed, crab, low tip… no way, it systematically turns against the wind and i quit the runaway. Then I imagine that my main gear is not properly aligned but I cannot manage to align them correctly.

May you have some tips/videos/tutorials?

Thanks !


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Unfortunately that aircraft is a bit outdated with physics and just the aircraft in general. I’d avoid landing in these crosswind airports with that aircraft due to it being outdated. It serves as a good challenge though! Other newer aircraft such as the TBM 930 are great GA aircraft to try to land crosswind landings in.

Keep in mind that the SR22 has a crosswind limit of about 12 knots


Thanks a lot for your advise

I will focus on TBM

The physics aren’t great to say the least, it seems to have a mind of it’s own after touchdown. You shouldn’t aim for a super smooth landing in these conditions
Screen recording of my attempt:


I think you are being too humble 😁. That buttered the bread, and apart from a slight swerve towards the end, that was amazing!

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You don’t wanna see my other attempts ‘:)
It really hates crosswind

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Surprisingly , I can land the S22 well (I think ), but i die every time i try landing the cub.

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(Landing or taking off. It swerves uncontrollably)

MaxSez: Speed… Threshold speed is not Approach speed; Crosswind tolerance, crab or slip, it all depends on technique. Most Pilot Landing faults can be aescribed to a failure to “Round Out” just prior to; Entry into ground affect at the Threshold prior to a Flare… it’s always the man not the machine, physics does not play here.

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