How to land with auto pilot

Hello, I bought pro yesterday and was wondering if you can auto pilot land, if so can you tell me how? Thanks.


Some aircraft have an APPR mode, with which the aircraft lands on its own.

Some aircraft with APPR mode:
A320 family
B787 family
B777 family
Here’s a tutorial:


APPR can be activated at certain airports on certain planes. E.g. 787s.
However it doesn’t work on steep approach airports like London City
Yeah basically watch the vid :)
(Try and land it yourself though. It’s better.;)

What aircraft and airports can you use it on?

You can use it for every airport, except airports like Lukla or Paro, there are some mountains and you will crash into them.


All airports without weird approaches.
A320 family
737 BBJ
DC10s and MD11s

Or some airports like EGLC which has a 5.5 degrees. Autoland in Infinite Flight is only available for approach with 3 degrees capability


As far as how, you will still have to navigate yourself to reach localizer level flight, and guide the aircraft towards the glide slope. After aligning yourself with the GPS/ILS, you can enable APPR or Auto land and it will make all necessary adjustments to automatically land the aircraft. You will still have to manually enable flaps and speed settings, as well as enable reverse thrust.


I would recommend landing it manually. You can’t always depend on the APPR button to always get you on the ground. 😂😂


Yea that thing is wacky

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You won’t land in the safest way. You may end up on the taxiway or grass and maybe another aircraft, especially in extreme crosswinds.

There are other airports as well, such as EGLC, PHNL (26L I think), LOWI.

You can’t use when there is terrain (KASE 33), or the glideslope of the ILS is not 3deg (EGLC), or when there’s a different ILS type which Infinite Flight doesn’t support. (PHNL, LOWI)


I would suggest you land manually. Turn off autopilot at 2,500 feet and bring it in. If you want to land on autopilot just leave autopilot on and make adjustments to speed, vertical speed, altitude and heading via the buttons. I have done this in especially windy conditions by leaving speed on.


VHXX, runway 13. Don’t use auto-approach there unless your intended destination is the side of Tai Mo Shan.

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Thank you guys, don’t know what I’d do without the forum.

@Brent_A no I can’t even land, I’m still practicing.

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Could you use it as LEAL Alicante and EGHI Southampton?

Check out these landing tutorials. These should help and you can go on Solo to practice.


Yes, you shouldn’t have any problems with these airports.

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