How to Land the CRJ-700!

Hey IFC! Today I have a tutorial on how to fail landing the CRJ-700 so you won’t be like me! So just do the opposite and you can butter (or grease if you’re one of those 4 people who say that) the CRJ-700; which is virtually impossible! DISCLAIMER: Please to do not take this seriously

Server: Expert
Airline/Aircraft: United Express CRJ-700
Flight Time: 2 hours

First, realize that the runways changed just before turning on final! Scramble to set the new approach route to the opposite runway.

Next, turn your plane away and when passing the airport heading for the other runway, look at the airport off in the distance and cry.

After that, turn onto the glide scope OVER a military airport (perfectly legal trust me). A pure genius move by myself.

Then realize you are way off the glide scope. Just think this could have been all avoided if you realized the runways changed sooner! (Wouldn’t have helped me anyways lol)

And now you’re too low! Time to pull up instead of going around!

Ok well you pulled up too much and started climbing again, but let’s still try landing anyways!

Annnnnnnnnnd DON’T FLARE AT ALL

Oops well we didn’t butter with that technique! (not surprising) So let’s try to slow down, or you know, over correct that terrible landing because it can’t possibly get worse!

Well I guess the plane really likes the left side of the runway! Oops

Well, after that agonizing approach, landing, AND taxi, I park the plane horribly and wait for the lawsuits.

Hope this tutorial shows you what NOT to do!
(I actually thought I could land this. I never can land the CRJ, but I was able to take off at KORD without the plane sliding all over the runway, but then it did shoot up into the sky thinking it was at KSNA).
Well. We tried! Lol

In all seriousness, please let me know what you think? Because I don’t know what happened to this flight. I was thinking of making a post about flying over the Badlands, but it didn’t go that way. I should’ve known that thinking I could fly the CRJ!


That would be considered butter for the CRJ in IF 😂


Well yeah but not really 😂

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Same though… I would make a good copilot 🤣

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Lol yeah it’s very difficult to land. I can’t even takeoff well 😂

Lol! I definitely would catch a lot of violations 😅

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Surprised I haven’t yet for not being able to fly 😂

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Alright, remind me to keep an eye on you if you ever happen to fly into my airspace. Thanks. 🤪

Yeah yeah, more horrible jokes. Nice photos. This plane is definitely one of the harder ones to land!

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Lol that’s true 😂
Thanks though 😂

Here’s what I do. Get over the runway, and right before I land I tell my passengers over the PA that I’m not responsible for their injuries and slam it into the runway. Bonus points if it says you crashed.

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Long times ago I was terrible at the CRJ Family right now I do pretty good with it although the CRJ-1000 is pretty tricky idk why

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Yes, that’s a good way to do it too lol

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Yeah I can’t land them 😂

landing the crj is easy for me

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Yeah it is for some people
I just have no skill lol

I personally think the CRJ-7 is the easiest to land in the whole CRJ fam.
But, that’s just me. Good job on the photos, and I like the story line lol.

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Yeah it is one of the easier ones. And that’s sad regarding how my landing went 😂

Hand on the rudder during landing. Makes things a lot smoother!

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The CRJ-200 is much easier (for me)

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Yeah I should try that, I used rudder after touchdown