How to Land the A333/A339 Like Real Life

Hey guys! No matter how hard i try, I can never get that perfect A330 landing. I’m talking about the one where the back gear stands up on touchdown, not goes flat. I want to land like the U.S Airways video. Now I’m sure not everybody can do this, but I know some can because I have seen it and I was quite amazed. Can anyone help me with some tips?

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Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s possible since the animation of the landing gears doesn’t have the resistance that you’re seeing on the A330s in the real world, which in itself is a limitation of their animation system. This has been mentioned by Laura some time ago.

No matter how smooth you land, the lack of resistance from the gear means that it basically flops over flat practically every time.


I just did it I put full flaps in 45 trim and then flared at 45 degrees

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Hi @Deakin, is this what you wanna do?

Well to land thé A333 like real life, first you Must be in real life :)


I am in real life when I fly in a sim! 😉

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