How to land/takeoff CRJ with wind tips?

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I am currently looking for ways to professionally land and takeoff in the CRJ series with wind. I’ve looked at the Official Tutorial on the I.F channel and I practiced but still couldn’t do it. Do you have any tips? Please let me know!

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Aileron…Aileron…Aileron, and make sure you kick out the rudder as you settle in the flare

I do agree, the CRJ series aircraft are hard to fly in strong winds. Here I some tips I recommend on take off.

  1. Point your device 20 - 45 degrees into the wind.
    Seems like a lot, but from my experiences, the plane isn’t too sensitive.

  2. Be very careful with the rudder.
    Even though I just said the series of aircraft isn’t too sensitive, as your accelerating, the rudder becomes really sensitive. You’ll end up rolling into the grass if you’re not careful with it.

  3. Straighten your device out slowly on rotation.
    Just as your nose begins to come off the ground, straighten your device out slowly so you don’t roll to the left or right.

CRJs require lots of aileron and rudder movements during crosswinds. Here’s some tips.

For takeoff:

Set trim to 50-60%

Flaps 8-20 depending on runway length and load

Gradually apply left or right aileron during takeoff roll into the wind to keep the plane centered

Use rudder to keep yourself aligned with the centerline but don’t use it to fast or too hard or you risk losing control of the plane

Start rotating around 135 knots

For landing:

Set trim to 40-50%

Flaps 45

At around 30 feet, pull the rudder into the wind to keep centerline

Use left or right aileron to keep the plane centered once on the ground

Don’t start the flare until 10’ cause first you will float and then slam to the ground. When landing crab into the wind and use rudder to straighten out as you flare and at the same time dip the aileron where wind is coming from so if wind is coming from left to right dip the left aileron a little. It will take practice.

On takeoff I dip the aileron to the side where the wind is coming from and crab and make sure to use rudder so you don’t veer off the runway.

With a tailwind I would avoid in a crj if you do I would recommend cutting your final approach speed normally I’ll come in to short final about 170 the crj lands fast at about 140. To come in slower you’ll need to either use spoilers or drop your flaps earlier depending on the winds you may not wanna use flaps.

What’s the maximum wind conditions that the CRJ could handle?

I think the best person to ask here is @DeerCrusher!Sorry for the ping

He is certifed to fly the CRJ700/900.


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