how to land softly?[closed]

Well i can’t land planes very well but i know flaring,brakes and spoilers but the problem is… how to land softly?


What plane specifically are you trying to land?

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A380,B777,787 and 737 without appr

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sometimes i always overrun the runway gust because of focusing for touchdown like

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always looking at the left view

Just experiment with flaring and your speed. When you land in the 737 you don’t necessary want a super soft landing but a firm landing.


you should practice on A320’s then work your way up to the 380. Because the A380 can be a terrible plane at times to land


For the smoothest 777 landings, I go at 210 Knots…

I know you want to watch your landings, but it is always better to try and land from the cockpit or HUD views. If it is on solo, click the button to watch it again. If you are on one of the servers, use Apple’s screen recording or the built in screen recorder for Android users. Landing in this view gives you a good time to flare, as well as use the rudder to stay on the centreline.

Depending on the weight of your plane, you need different landing speeds. Usually for heavies is 150 kts IAS, you can try landing at 160 kts IAS if your aircraft is near MLW.

If you’re afraid you might overrun the runway, immediately after you land deploy reverse thrusters to 90% N1. I don’t think you should land a wide-body aircraft in class charlie airports as the runway might not be long enough. Usually 8000ft+ runway length should be enough for your landing roll.


good, like many solo training! First of all you have to know the speed of landing of each aircraft and in the approach already be configured for landing in the time that the aircraft is touching the ground, takes all the power of the engines, pulls it up a little and dps goes looking the replay of how it got! Hope this helps!

It’s pretty hard to say, but be sure you’re fully configured on approach, of cause at a nice speed (not 210kts!!). 20‘ AGL slowly close the throttle and pitch just a few degrees up and hold it. Don’t push the aircraft down, let it touch the runway by its own.

It’s all about getting the feeling of it, so training is the answer.

Have fun!


Well said Kate! If you are using ILS that can give you a good gauge on you Vertical Speed when landing!

Uh, flaps maybe help XD


If I were you, I would use HUD camera, and when I flare I pretty much focus my eyes on the VS. And, I constantly tap the screen, don’t know why. It probably makes the device feel steadier.


Hi, there. I’m here to help you improve your landing. When landing a plane, look up their landing speeds for that specific aircraft type for example, if your trying to land the Boeing 777, or any different aircraft go in this order. 1. Set speed for landing. 2. Make sure your spoilers are armed and flaps full, or whatever setting they may be at. 3. Always make sure the tip of the aircraft is slightly pointed up and your rate of decent is roughly 500fpm. Each aircraft though is different. 4. make sure you set your thrust to idle once you here the Automatic Call out Sign say 10feet. This will make sure you don’t float above the runway. 5. right as your back wheels hit the ground, your spoilers deploy and reverse your thrust. Don’t slam the nose wheel into the ground. Let it sink slowly in the ground.

It takes practice. I would suggest watching the training videos as well. There are quite a few for specific aircraft on YouTube that have been produced by IF. Remember practice practice practice!!

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You may be flaring too early causing the aircraft to gain altitude and landing farther along on the runway. In these situation go around. Flare maybe a bit later than before.

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Try adding a little power before touching down or raise the nose to decrease your vertical speed Also have your AGL altitude at the bottom, to show how close to the runway your are, that usually helps me.

Adding power before touchdown will work in a Cessna, but not in a jet. Just the nose small degrees up, hold it there, close the throttle and let the aircraft do the rest