How to land smoothly

Any tips on how to land smoothly especially in planes like A319,A320,A321,737
Even though i follow the Papi lights i still get a hard landing

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Do you flare?

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Hey mate,

I would take a look at this tutorial below. It should help you out!


Don’t pitch for altitude. It’s all about throttle control.


My two cents… if trimmed correctly (no purple) and with a correct speed and flaps (about 130kt anf config full), you have little to do but gently cut throttle at 20ft and geeeeeently hold the nose up at 10ft. Vs on touch down should be between 100 and 200ft/min.
Hope it helps.

Keep auto throttle on until seconds before landing. It works for me. Also, sometimes, you need to fly slower than you think you should.

Also, never have the term “grease” in your mind. ;)

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This video might be useful:


@anon26520529. MaxSez:


  1. threshold speed is different then approach speed. Retard/Spoiler on call on a Bus, Chop the Throttle/Spoiler as you enter Ground Effect all others.
    2). A touchdown is 2 phased, “Round-Out then Flair.
    3). Use “Ailerons” & Rudder. To Align w/Centerline…
    Cheers, Max

On base to final, go through GUMPS:

  1. Gas: Fuel pump on, using correct tank.

  2. Undercarriage: Down, and three greens.

  3. Mixture: As required, usually full rich.

  4. Propeller: As required, usually full forward.

  5. Seatbelts: Doesn’t apply to Infinite Flight, but those virtual seatbelts should be on and tight!

Pitch for your approach speed, then trim, and make altitude/descent rate adjustments with your throttle, and then pitching for your approach speed again, then trim. When introducing flaps or gear, you will need to change the power setting and re trim once again, focus at your aiming point, the runway shape should not change apart from in size as you get closer, you want to maintain a 3 degree glide path, you can use the VASI/PAPI lights to help if you wish. Once you pass over the threshold, shift your focus to the end of the runway, select power idle, and once in ground effect, don’t let the Aeroplane land, apply plenty of back pressure, once the main gear is down, gently release the back pressure, until the nose wheel is down. Then brake as required.

This should work for most light aircraft, but not all, if you want to learn how to land a specific aircraft, there is bound to be plenty of YouTube videos available.

Hope this helps :)


Although its for FSX this works in Infinite Flight aswell

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You could also try APPR. It does all of this for you

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I would say just get used to rudder and winds practice in Solo it helps

Small throttle changes, both up and down, are important.

I have a tip! :D I usually get more smoother results when I land in the cockpit view I see people land with the hide cockpit cam. What camera angle to you use? Do you flare?

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