How to land on the runway centerline?

Hello IFC, I have trouble landing on the runway center line and can often spin off the runway. It makes pulling off a nice landing very hard. It is even worse if there is a strong cross wind. Can I get some help? Thank you :)


Keep it stable and use the rudder. Make minor adjustments only.

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Hey, if you’ve troubles with crosswinds, this may help:


Use your rudder to deflect the turn just before landing. Or when you touchdown sideways, quickly use the rudder to deflect the diagonal angle.

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Check out IF’s YouTube page. There’s a great tutorial for a crosswind landing!

Make sure to make good use of the localizer in the HUD view when on final approach to the airport as this helps lining up with the center line, also spinning off can be caused by coming in too fast so keep an eye on your speed and make sure it’s appropriate to your aircraft’s size!

Hope this helps


Whenever there are crosswinds I will do a crab landing, its not the easiest landing for new pilots but it makes landing in crosswinds a lot easier.


ILS! Use it for center line landing


  • I always line up with the ILS on aircraft that have ILS
  • I always disconnect the auto pilot at around 500ft when on ILS
  • For all. aircraft I will approach 150, 160knts
  • I always calibrate before turning off auto pilot.

For the crosswind tutorial it is good but I am still struggling with the crab.

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That’s somewhat to much for the A320family or B737 or similar aircrafts and can lead to problems with small corrections.

Also keep in mind to only make small corrections, don’t over correct (I know it’s sometimes though but it can be learned!).

150-160 might be a tad too fast if your weight is well below MLW

Normally I land <140 knots in most aircraft unless I’m really heavy

Also make sure you use trim which will help from pitching down which might be causing you to go off centre

I always use 10 - 15%

You’re going a bit fast for landing but I don’t think that’s what is causing you trouble. You said that you can often spin off the runway. I’m guessing this is because your rudder adjustments are too significant when going at high speeds.

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@Luke_King-kong. MaxSez: Speeds, Procedure suggested some Trash Haulers Only. Approach speed is different than Threshold speed & it takes both Aileron and Rudder to align. A touchdown has two parts Round out then Flare.


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I will cross the threshold in a crab and cut my throttle, then at about 10-15 feet I’ll use rudder to line myself up on the centerline and that usually works out very well.

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