How to land in touchdown zone with a vs of -100 or less

Does anyone have any tips to land in the touchdown zone and smoothly I usually land smoothly but float over the bars


Aim a tad bit short so when you flair, you flair onto the bars. Also don’t overflair. that will cause your VS to go into the positives and will cause a float. Keep in mind ground affect as well. As you get closer to the ground, you will enter ground affect.


generally it is ok to float a little bit far out from the touchdown zone to acheive a butter landing but if u want to aim spot on right in the zone and still butter it ,
then u should try to flare just as u cross the runway threshold at around 50ft AGL.

some additional tips for the approach would be to tune in to the ILS for the runway ur landing on, and just follow the green dot on your altimeter all the way down. itll hopefully set u up right for the landing on the touchdown zone.


One part of it is being sure what you mean by touchdown zone. In the topic Aiming Point. Place of touching down - Toma de Contacto

@Mathurin_Garcier highlighted the markings of the touchdown zone:

and @DeerCrusher’s comments appeared to narrow the atp standards to the small area as shown below at left:

The accompanying comment: “I aim for the 500ft markers because…I need 500ft to ‘cushion’ my landing, my tires are touching down right on the 1000ft markers”

So, know what your aiming goal is, and tuck the FPV close to the horizon line with the flare (same as close to zero VS as possible) as your wheels contact the touchdown point.


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