how to land better w/o the glide scopes

currently a grade 2 using smaller planes

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Use the little circle (Flight Path Vector) and aim it at the solid white blocks (touchdown zone) just forward of the runway threshold!

Has that answered your inquiry!

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Yeah use the FPV and aim it in the middle of the two white piano keys and then right before touchdown angle the nose upward just a little

Why not use the glide slope? Great tool!
As mentioned, one alternative is just use the FPV.

Or turn the FPV off and land fully visual, while monitoring your vertical speed and your altitude (AGL). The only way to get really good that is through… practice…

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In the 'Good ‘ole days’ before the new fangled FPV we used to use the ‘visual picture’.

Get the ‘appropriate’ glide angle, aircraft speed stable in the landing config and pick your touchdown point. That point should then stay in the same relative place on the windscreen. As you approach the visual picture should ‘grow’ around your designated landing point.

If it drifts ‘up’ the windscreen you are going low and ‘down’ the screen you’re drifting high.

Called a visual approach but try telling the ‘yung ens’ that, they won’t believe you! (Monty Python reference for anyone under the age of 20!)


does that work with any aircraft?

I like the old school execution that you have explained. I’ll definitely try this.

Try it, it works for ALL aircraft and works pretty well on carriers as well… sorry, reminiscing with the carrier bit for a moment there! :D


Yes but the speeds will vary based on what aircraft

Use the PAPI to get two red and two whites.

Remember ground effect so roll out/level out above the runway until you feel the dip. Once that happens, try to resist the landing until it happens.

Just like everyone else is saying use the flight path vector which is very helpful for probably everyone including me.

Tbh i dont really understand the “glide scopes” i find the FPV really useful i always use it!

Do you mean the red boxes that depict your glide slope or the glide slope indicator on your hud?

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