How to land at a small airport

Hello hows everyone doing hmm I have a quick question i was wondering how to land in a airport that doesn’t have waypoint or neither a sid or fixes. Just a small similar airport :).


When I land at small airports, I usually fly manually or manually set the autopilot. I also look for charts online as those help.

And by the way, don’t think #support is the best category for this


Just vector yourself and line up on the ILS if the airport has it or fly visual

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Yes use autopilot and align your plane with the runway pattern is the best solution for that kind of Airports!

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Or if you wanna have some real fun you could test yourself and do it manually!


Manual landing is a good a idea because it’s kinda point is the use of vnav the decent system i mean when you tap on the airport it brings the approach procedures so i get to switch the vnav once i climb the attitude i set i just switch it.lining up straight with runway is easy for me . My point is other small airports don’t have the procedures which is okay for me. Oh should just guess the decent altitude 🤔.

Manual landing its sounds fun though is just that some of The airport in my Region that i live in Tanzania don’t have the approach system like htdo, because i like flying there.

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I find that the easiest way would be to set the altitude of the airport’s waypoint on your flight plan as the airport altitude (So for example, you set the LSGG waypoint to 1411ft). You can descend with VNAV until you get pretty close and then can descend manually when you see the runway.


That would be helpful i will try that way thanks a lot :)…
Example htda (waypoint,itgop) htdo 3,700 ft.

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Yes for sure.

Support is for issues with the app. This is not an issue with the app

My apologies I wasn’t sure what topic to pick.


I often set an altitude for the airport fix at something safely above pattern altitude. As VNAV gets me in the vicinity, I use a combination of AP commands and hand flying to enter a full or abbreviated traffic pattern.

My main goal is arriving at a convenient altitude and keeping the arrival roughly rectangular.

Once, as a test, I manually set a long/lat fix in the approach cone. But that was a pain to set up, if I remember correctly.

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I didn’t even realize that the altitude was kept beside the airport name .i tried the way you said and It worked

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