How to Land Aircraft Manually Since the New Update

Okay this sounds stupid but i try to search for this topic and found nothing. After the new update, how do we actually manually select the runway for us to land? When the airport have an ILS, we can use NAV1. But when the airport doesn’t have an ILS, how to actually know the glidescope and the heading of the runway. Thank you

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Hey Fredypasaud, this may help you:


GPS approaches are basically visual approaches now. The only vertical guidance you have are the papi lights, so I highly recommend using those to help you stay on the glideslope. As for the localiser, it’s a lot easier to see how in line you are with the runway than it is to see how high you should be, or you can put a few way points that are in line with the runway into your flight plan if that helps. Also, go into the runway tabs on the airport menu and it will say the runway heading.

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Welcome back to the community!

If your airport doesn’t have an ILS, there should be a set of PAPI lights next to the runway. Do you know what those are?
I’d be willing to explain.

Thanks for the contribution @Tsumia, however, the user was asking about the airports and or runways that do not feature ILS.

If it’s without ILS, it’s without ILS, so you can’t really use the NAV system, there’s nothing really to do other than just hope for the best.

Thank you!!! Sorry, i must be searching with wrong keyword.

Thank you!!! So basically GPS landing now is harder than it used to…

Yes. Harder, but more realistic.

Thank you. Never heard of it actually, would be really nice if you can give me some insight.Thank youu

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Chief, thousands of airports around the world have published GPS approaches. Don’t hope for the best, use the resources provided to you by government AIPs and other chart companies such as Navigraph.

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This may help.
Unfortunately IF only has the 2 unit system.
If you want a 4 unit system you can vote here:

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Thank you. The last time i play (about 6 months ago i think) we still have the option to use glidescope even when the airport only have GPS approach. Guess i should get my hands dirty now

So, basically this PAPI light will appear when i’m nearing the runway, or is there something i need to do. Sorry, i really never heard of it…

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Nope. Nothing you have to do. Fly inbound, and you’ll see it next to the runway, on one side.
One thing to keep in mind with airports with no ILS though, is to read the metar, and look at the visibility. If it’s too low you should divert with no ILS.

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I would be happy to :)

So, on the side of the runway (usually the left), there is a set of red and white lights. These are called “Precision Approach Path Indicator” or PAPI. These are to help pilots maintain the proper glide to the runway. So, how do you read them?

As pictured below, if you’re seeing two red lights and two white lights, you’re right on the glide path. If you see four white lights, you’re too high, and if you’re seeing four red, you’re too low. There’s an easy way to remember this:

”White on white, I’m too high. Red on red, I’ll be dead.” or “Red on white, I’m alright.”


As you can see, in Infinite Flight, there are actually only two of these lights. That’s a different system abbreviated “APAPI”. I forget the difference between the two.

I hope this helps!

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You just look really closely to the side of the runway.

If you’re still having trouble, this meme should help you in times of trouble :)



Thank you so much, it helps a lot. Hope my passenger bring their airsickness bag because it’s been too long since my manual landing…

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No problem! And, always remember,

If you need to correct on your glide path, the correct way to do it is not to change your pitch (you should always maintain level or just a few degrees pitch up), but it’s to increase your throttle. This will gradually get you back to your glide path.