How to land a350 smoothly

how can i land the a350 smoothly. the angle of the landing gear makes it hard to do a smooth landing

For me, I flare really hard to the point it doesn’t it even have gear tilt lol

Hu, the A350 is the easiest plane to land smoothly imo. Do you use the right pitch angle, correct speed and flaps?
Edit: and the angle of your landing gear (often called tilt) should make it easier to land instead of more difficult. You can compare it with your feets: the heel hits the floor first, then your toes afterwards. This is the reason why you are able to walk softly.

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The A 350 is already easy to land. some advice I would give for you on it is to keep a stable approach all the way to the GPWS call out 50. When you are at 20 above you should cut the speed and start your flair. Make sure to keep the nose up until you have started your reverse thrust.

@DeerCrusher put together this nifty guide for the community’s use. This should help you with your speeds and settings for a successful approach and landing as well as takeoff settings:

And @Qantas094 also took some time to put together an unofficial review of the A350 too:

Recommend reviewing these topics to get a better understanding of the A350 and then test your skills out on Solo first to gain a nice comfort level with the aircraft. Happy flying! 😊


Wow and I thought the a350 was super easy to land. Controls and everything are super smooth. Some good advice above though.

😂I can never unbutter the 350
Basically, you want to be at around 10-30% load, trim 25%, final approach speed 140kt. On hearing 30 start your flare and gradually reduce throttle. Pitch up to about 3-5 degrees. Normally you can get less tha -150, sometimes less than -100.

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Well… Practice makes Perfect landing

Not a Joke. Really.


Float float and float
At 25% load 136 is enough :)
And it’s the best plane to land!!
(Before the A330 gets reworked 😉)

yes you are correct but the A350 Landing tilt is actually the opposite, the front wheels hit first then the rear unlike say the A330.

Yeah but I’d like slightly higher app speed to avoid stalling after retard😂
Anyway, the best method is the one suits you :)

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im confused on your reply ?? what am i trying to work out ??

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Sorry, badly worded
I mean, it’s difficult for the nosewheel to slam because the rear bogey of the main gear touches down after the front

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not really, you can still slam the nose. it doesnt matter which way the truck tilt is tilting. the nose wheel can always be slammed into the ground if the pilot lets it drop too quick.

It’s less probable, compared to the 777
Since I land both with similar techniques

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