How to land a320 family

How do you land the a320 family? Without getting the nose slammed down immidietly after touchdown because no matter what I do it always slams the nose down i have breaks off and have trim applied but still slams down it usually doesn’t do this for the other planes I can usually control the nose touchdown making it a smooth landing

Don’t arm spoilers. That’s the simple fix. Arm them once on the ground so the nose doesn’t slam.


Oh okkk thanks!

When do pilots IRL usually arm them?

What was your flaps setting and how much trim did you use?

It was full I always go full flaps on every plane I was at 20 or 30 trim

I was going like 150 on the a320

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Was it positive trim or negative, also slow down to 135-140kts when landing.


Ok it was positive

The speed is fast.

Really I do 155 on the 777-300 and I do fine touchdown with no nose slamming I try to do about the same thing on the a320 with 40 trim go about 155 o r150 with flaps full

Smaller airplane = slower speed

Ahhh ok sounds good

Spoilers are armed on final approach. They are lift dumping devices designed to drop the wings lift after main gear strut compression and enhance braking performance.

What ‘slams’ the nose is the moment between the aircrafts c of g and the braking force of the gear also adding in reverse thrust if used.

Arm spoilers on finals, select final flap, gentle nose up flare at 30 feet and fly the aircraft onto the runway. Once you have main gear contact FLY the nose onto the runway. It often requires a little stick back to slow the rotation rate.

Flap full should have you landing at about 130-135 kts, any faster and you’ll struggle in the flare with too much energy.


Thanks! Noted that

@KyleDepra Arm your spoilers, flare to ~5 degrees nose up, HOLD the flare/pull back as you touch down keep holding and count One-one-thousand… two-one-thousand… That’s about average.

Here’s a crosswind landing tutorial to take a look at. It’s got real aircraft landing as well as tutorial in IF.

That hold is critical, there is no hurry in getting the nose gear down. You will have better quality landings if you hold positive pitch as your back touches down. You will feel the aircraft settle a bit which will increase control of your touch down count. Keeping you speed low before touch down is critical too, without stalling you want to maintain a slow speed during touch down as you are pulling back to idle.

Great video!!

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Thanks @oconnorr401 there’s a bunch more videos on our channel if you’d like to peruse them. Are you a Rhode Island guy? (401?)

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I’m a Virginia resident about 30 miles west from DC. I was in law enforcement for 12 years and 401 was my badge number, but I’m currently in the Airport Operator side of the industry at KIAD. I will definitely check those out.

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